Services Overview

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  • Management Coaching

    Most small businesses exist with very few of the key indicators they need to effectively operate a profitable business. They depend on gut feel which at times can be a good guide but without guideposts the business is destine to fail in today's difficult, competetive market place.

  • Technician Training

    On key to increase your sales id to train your field Technicians on customer service and offering the customer options. With ongoing training and coaching, your team can sell more and satisfy more customers.

  • Marketing Coaching

    Lost in the new world of the internet, social media, and continuous change? We can help you to form a comprehensive marketing plan based on how your customer shops today for a service contractor.

  • Business Planning

    Where will your business be next year, in five years, or even next week? Not the location but the size, the business mix, your team, your personal satisfaction, these are a few of the areas a business of today must plan for and be prepared to act on.

  • Customer Service Training

    The phone is ringing but your not busy. Your Technicians return to the office with just a minimum charge amount or worse, no income at all for the business. It's time for some serious customer service training. We can do that for you!.

  • Financial Coaching

    Where did the money go? Why am I making less than I did as an employee? How do I pay for that new truck? How much should I charge? We need flat-rate pricing but I don't know where to start? Got these or other financial concerns? We can Help!.

  • Finding & Retaining the Best Technicians

    Almost every plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service company stuggles with finding good Technicians and office staff. We can help in to make that task more successful.Once you find and hire those great employees, then comes the task of keeping them. We have systems and ideas to maximize the retention of those great employees.

  • Human Resouces Assistance

    Do you need some basic operational and conduct guidelines for your business? Need an on-call policy? Need an incentive program for your Techjnicians and office staff? Got a vacation and sick policy in place? Need Help? Call us!

  • Safety Training

    Is this one of your Technicians? Do you know the risks of not providing a safe workplace for your employees? Do you employees use the latest safety practices each and everyday? Do you have a culture of safety within your business? We can help!