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Areas of Financial Coaching


-Exit Strategies & Plans

-Business Valuations

-Proper job pricing

-Job Costing

-Menu Pricing Systems

-Training your inside accounting staff

-Establishing Reporting Systems

-Inventory Review

-Assist in evaluation of Enterprise Software

-Compensation Evaluation

-Annual Budgets

-Hiring of Accounting Staff

If you are have need of help in the financial area of your business, we can help!

Financial Coaching


Most contractors do not have a substancial amount of financial training. They have difficulty setting up a usable accounting system to effectively operate a business. They do not know if they are profitable, they don't know where to find savings in expenses, they don't know how to price a job or their service for profit. We can help get your accounting in shape so you know where you stand each and every day. We help you establish a budget. We help you track expenses and properly post them.
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