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Safety Training for Technicians

Is your Workman's Compensation cost high?

Have you lost jobs or service calls because of a Technician out on a Work Comp claim?

Have you had vehicles damaged in auto accidents with your employee at fault?

Has you office staff been out with a injury, causing lost productivity?

Or, Worst of all, have you needed to call a spouse or important other to tell them an employee has been serious injured?

Need help in starting a safety program?

Need a Safety Manual?

BEC Group holds monthly safety training for field employees

Now available, Asbestos Awareness Training
For More Safety Information
Contact us now to receive a class schedule and to start reducing those loses and heartaches!

Customer Service Training

When most contractors hire a new Customer Service Consultant or Dispatcher, that new employee has little, if any, experience in quality customer care. They learn on the job for the last person hired, or simply by trial and error. Usually either method produces results that anger customers, costing you dollars in sales and profits. A well trained Customer Care Consultant will add dollars in sales and to the bottom line. They can help the customer make decisions on maintenance agreements, add on products and services. They keep customers informed, solve service and installation problems, and begin the process of making lifelong customers for your business.

"What I liked Best about the Customer Service Day of Training was all the information."

Keith Rork, Owner, Rork Plumbing & Piping Service

Training these employees properly is a worthwhile investment for your future. Contact us for more information and sample pages from our information packed manual.

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