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Business Planning

Weekly I speak to contractors who have no idea of the direction their business is going. They do not have a plan for today, this week, this month, this year of for the next five years. Many come to retirement age without a concrete plan to sell their business, pass their business to their family members, or how they will fund their retirement.

If you are have need of help in the short-term or long-term planning for your business, we can help!

The Process

BEC Group Provides Custom Training & Consulting for each Area of Your Service Business

~We start with a FREE consultation at your place of business to meet and become familiar with your business.

~At that time we leave behind a multi-page form for the owner to fill out. This gives us a clearer picture of the pluses and challenges within your business. We ask that you attach other informational documents to the form such as financials for the past three years, marketing plans, employee handbook and other related information.

~We will take some time and digest the information so we can put a Blueprint for Your Success together for you. The Blueprint will have specific areas we would recommend to start work on and a time-table for completion.

~If you accept the proposal, we will immediately begin to implement the changes to move your business ahead.

~We usually meet with our clients once or twice per month depending on the complexity and urgency of the issues.

~Our ultimate goal is to help you make changes in your business to improve it and then for us to move on to another client, leaving you to continue moving ahead on your own.
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